About Mattie

Who am I?

I am a survivor.  And I beat the odds.

Widowed with 5 children under the age of 16, shunned by my church and community, I have been through a lot.  A physician told me once that “Only 2% of women like you survive.”

Instead of being defeated, I thought, “Why not me?  I will be the 2%.”  And you know what? I am the 2%. 

I have been through it all.  Being badass is not what I do, it is who I am.

I am a Professional coach, SLP private practice owner, writer, speaker, podcaster, professor, mom, and yes, I ride a big bike.  Vroom Vroom!

I coach SLPs through career and Life transitions

– Massive career changes
– Transitioning between career settings
– Private practice start-ups
– Podcast launching
– Entrepreneurship
– Professional brand development
– Becoming an author
– Becoming a coach
– Becoming a professor
– Becoming a public speaker
– Getting back into the field after childbearing
– Transitioning to related careers

“I coach SLPs in shifting up their careers and their lives, and get things into gear.”

Ready to ride?

I work closely with SLPs to gain clarity and direction in their careers and their personal lives and the drive to own their lives. Often the missing link to achieving success is a lack of confidence, insight, focus, momentum, and support. That is where I come in – supporting you as you position yourself for success.

Ready to begin your coaching journey?

What experience do I have?

  • I’m a grad professor for an accredited CSD program and teaching is in my blood.  
  • I have been a medical SLP for 25+ years in a variety of settings, some overseas in Japan and England
  • I have over 24,000 hours as a medical SLP
  • I am a credentialed coach with 2+ years of coaching SLPs
  • All those things listed on the home page…I’ve done them ALL and lots more!  
  • I am also a certified trauma-wisdom coach
  • I have written 2 books – my latest book is Lessons on Becoming:  How to Become the SLP You Were Meant to Be  
  • I was interviewed by Stephanie Foo, an Emmy nominated journalist on her podcast Home.Made.
  • I am part of the Oscar-qualified documentary, No Country for Old People with director, Susie Singer Carter
  • I am the founder of Fresh SLP, a successful website supporting new and transitioning SLPs
  • I host a successful podcast, The Missing Link for SLPs, closing in on 40,000 downloads
  • I ran my own successful private practice via hospital contracts for 18 years
  • I am starting a new SLP therapy business based on a co-practice business model with 3 good SLP friends of mine

What is Badass SLP Coaching?

What is “Coaching to Ignite Change”?

“Coaching to Ignite Change” is a transformative coaching program founded on the belief that as SLPs, we all want to feel fully alive, fulfilled, and successful in our roles.

We want to be the heroes of our own stories – making bold choices, taking risks, and growing into the professionals we dream of being for ourselves and for our families.

And yet, what felt “right” when we began our careers may not work for us forever.

As we grow and mature into seasoned SLPs, we often find that our past choices, career paths, areas of specialty, or settings may no longer serve us.

We may yearn to make a leap of faith and take our careers in a new direction, explore other areas of expertise, or grow brand skills that better fit our lifestyle, needs, interests, and family demands.

And yet, change is hard. Really hard. It is scary.

The fear of failure is massive – especially for those of us who have found so much success in taking more “traditional” paths in life.

To boldly pursue a new dream or a different direction in our field can feel impossible, and without a clear plan and the right support from someone who has already done it – it probably is.

It was at this intersection of fear and bravery – of the known and the unknown – that “Coaching to Ignite Change” was born. This powerful program centers around four 1-1 coaching sessions with me, one kick-off call, and three core sessions, designed to help make your dream – whatever it is! – possible, concrete, and actionable.

Through live conversations with me, customized coaching, guided activities, self-reflection, and a bit of “homework” between sessions, you’ll soon find that you have both the confidence and the plan you need to bring your dream to life.

I am one of those souls that believe in making the world a better place. I know how hard being an SLP can be. My mission is to support you in any way that I can in pursuing your goals and dreams, inspiring you to follow your passions and achieve greatness.

Ready to start your journey?

Mattie Murrey – Badass SLP