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Here’s a terrific little freebie with great techniques on how to identify and clarify your goals, understand the connection between vision boarding and neuroplasticity and more!

Direction Course: The Power of Vision Boarding from Badass SLP

Ready to change up your career or life?

    • Maybe a private practice is in your future?
    • How about launching a successful podcast?
    • Interested in being interviewed by an Oscar qualified producer or Emmy nominated journalist? 
    • Has the thought of pursing a Ph.D. or Ed.D ever crossed your mind?
    • Want to build your own website?
    • Want to write a book?
    • Want to be a state or national speaker?
    • Or…you want to change your career or life totally!?
  • These are ALL things I have done…

    • So what is on YOUR bucket list?
    • And what do you want to do with your one, precious badass life?

Why Badass SLP?

I’ve been where you are.  I know what you are feeling and how scary it can be making these big decisions.

You WANT and maybe NEED to make a change.

But you’re scared to move forward because you don’t know how or where and you just want someone to talk to and help you figure it out.

Career coaching with Badass SLP isn’t just about landing a new job. It’s about discovering what you need in your job and your life to be truly happy.

It’s about being brave, making smart decisions, and being a badass SLP!

You are here.  You are in the right place!

And I am here.  Together, we will be badass SLPs.


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I can help you in:

  • Navigating your career
  • Aligning your soul’s purpose to your professional dreams
  • Connecting you to other high-powered and influential SLPs
  • Strategizing and executing a career or life transition
  • Feeling confident and at peace with your choices

No matter where you are starting, the life you want is absolutely available to you, and Badass SLP coaching is here to support you through the entire process.

Whether you’re looking to develop a career you love or pivot in a new direction, I can help you get there, standing firmly in your corner and holding you accountable to your vision of your best self because she knows you are capable of being that person.

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We should only chat if:

You are ready to gain career clarity.
You want to get back in touch with your BIG WHY.
You are open to overcoming limiting mental blocks and mindsets.
You are willing to do what it takes to take back the power of driving your own career, whether that is staying in the field or pivoting out into your next career.
You are ready to be a Badass SLP and be the hero of your own story.

We won’t be a fit if:

You are not at a place where you can prioritize your self-care and professional development.
You aren’t open to learning and exploring new things and new ways of thinking.
You don’t believe in the role of coaching as a missing link for career and life alignment.

Ready to start your journey?

Mattie Murrey – Badass SLP